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Entry #10

New computer... Actually, laptop.

2011-01-15 10:06:42 by Blakz

Since I got a new laptop, expect me to work more on stuff, and all earlier projects are abandoned. The good news is that it moves faster, but the bad news, well, I lost google chrome. AGAIN >_>

On the bright side, I made a new image. Even though it is on this pretacular post, it is also in my art. Remember, if you like it, or feel like it needs improvement, just review it!

P.S. I also got a new paint program with the laptop. Music can also be a powerful artist's tool that may not make art, but can,inspire art. Also, I seem to be a troll magnet. Trolls deserve no place on the internet. THAT'S RIGHT, MR. CRAPPY MUSIC MAKER, YOU ARE A TROLL!

New computer... Actually, laptop.